Errors in FlashPunk tutorial

(ProstatePuncher) #1

Following the tutorial given here (, I can’t get anything running.

I get to the end of step 1, trying to get the engine started, but receive two errors as below.

col: 28 Error: The definition of base class Engine was not found.

col: 28 Error: Method marked override must override another method.

I’m not understanding or seeing the problem.

(christopf) #2

You probably just forgot

	import net.flashpunk.Engine;

at the top of your class.

(ProstatePuncher) #3

I’m using the exact given example at the end of tutorial step 1, and receiving this error. import net.flashpunk.Engine; is present at the top of my class.

(christopf) #4

did you drop the .net folder into the src folder of your project?

(ProstatePuncher) #5

Now its working and giving no errors. Tutorial states to put it next to your, which I stupidly assumed was the FlashDevelop AS3 project file.

Thanks for the help. My brain isn’t in it today.

(christopf) #6

Glad it working. I just startet too and man, i got such obvious errors and didnt know what to do. But here are some folks who knows alot about this kinda stuff and they help friendly if you ask so (:


“To add FlashPunk into your current project, first extract the archive you downloaded. Contained should be a folder called net; everything within that folder is FlashPunk.”

There isn’t ‘net’ folder. Instead, there’s a ‘docs’ older containing the FlashPunk stuff. I’ve put that and I’m getting errors.

(Jean) #8

It’s because you probably downloaded the .“swc” file. I don’t use it, I have all the sources as the old way FP was distributed, but probably just creating a net folder inside your project and putting the swc there should be enough.

(Tom Jones) #9

What did you do to fix it then, if I may ask, Mr.Puncher? I have the exact problem you had.

(David Williams) #10

Sounds like he moved it in to the src file, where the would be.