Download link for FlashPunk

(Draknek) #1

Someone was just on the LD IRC asking how to download FlashPunk: they wanted the source files not the swc.

I definitely think the big “get FlashPunk” button on the homepage should point to the source download not the swc download. It’s what most people will want!

I’m also of the opinion it should point to the current state of the codebase rather than a tagged release. If I push a bugfix, there’s no reason to have to tag a release and edit the homepage just to make sure that new users get that change!

Installing FlashPunk
(Jacob Albano) #2

I definitely agree with this. I’m not a huge fan of using SWCs if a source alternative is available. I like being able to dig into the code if I hit a bug or look to see how it all works underneath.

(Ultima2876) #3

I agree too. SWCs are great for closed libraries or stuff that you’d never really want to modify but they don’t hold many advantages for something like FlashPunk where a lot of people like to hack it.

Regarding the current state of the codebase - only big downside to that is some of the newer commits can be buggy. For instance there were two instances where I had to roll back due to stuff not working correctly (I believe it was particle gravity from a few months ago and world entity removal causing flickering sprites in some cases). I don’t know if some newer users would have the knowhow to do this themselves.

And yes, I should submit bug reports… I’ve had a crazy month so far :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zachary Lewis) #4

I’ve updated to point to the latest release.

(Draknek) #5

I dunno: both those bugs went undetected for ages. I think there’s a good chance they would have made into any official release.

I think on average more improvements get added versus new bugs getting added.

(Ultima2876) #6

You’re absolutely right. Those bugs are present and accounted for in 1.7.0 afaik.

(Draknek) #7

Really? :frowning:

I thought I pulled a fix for particle gravity a while back.

What’s the flickering sprite issue? I seem to remember fixing something like that, but can’t see a recent commit that looks plausible.

(Zachary Lewis) #8

If there’s a commit you can link me without those bugs, I can cut a patch release.

(Ultima2876) #9

It’s related to these two:

I believe the second was made to address issues with the first. Unfortunately as I was working with another developer I don’t know the exact cause of the issue (or the circumstances required to reproduce it) but rolling back the former commit (“Don’t ever render() before first update()”) fixed the issue.

It was in a shooter game - he had some bullets on the HUD, and when a bullet was removed all of the bullets flashed invisible for one frame. At a guess I’d say something to do with perhaps removing them all and re-creating them in the same frame causes the flicker.

(Draknek) #10

So did the second commit solve the problem or not?

(Ultima2876) #11

Not in that particular instance. The problem was showing with a version using all of the commits up to august 5th.

(Zachary Lewis) #12

I cut a patch release last night: FlashPunk 1.7.1.

If you can reproduce the issue with that version, create an issue (with reproduction steps) and it’ll get the visibility it needs.

(Ultima2876) #13

Will give it a go later on!