Discourse updated to!

(Zachary Lewis) #1

This was a tricky one for two reasons. First, there was a bug in the latest version of Discourse that I had to fix. Second, I assumed there wasn’t a bug, so I went ahead and upgraded Ruby to 2.0.0-p245 (which wasn’t necessary, but whatevs). We’re so bleeding edge, y’all.

Discourse Release

(Ultima2876) #2

Bleeding edge is the best way to be! I wonder if it’s usable on mobile now? :smiley:

(Alex Larioza) #3

When mentioning another person for example


The font color is a very light shade of grey on top of a white background, which makes it very hard to read. :frowning:

(Zachary Lewis) #4

I believe this is a bug. It used to have a dark box around it.

I’m sure it’ll get fixed soon. :triumph: