Different sized frames


So I’m making a kind of interactive pet game with Ducktor Cid as the pet.

I currently have his sprite sheet here and have converted it into this

This all works fine, but I only have a animation of him walking for up and down. There is an animation for him walking left and right on the original sprite sheet (first three frames of the third row I think) but the frame sizes are larger than the frames on my other sprite sheet (the frames on my sprite sheet are 29x32)

How can I make it so I can add the walking left and right animations?

(rostok) #2

Most practila way would be to have all animations in single spritesheet. So you will have to enlarge sprite size and add new animation. Either do this manually or use Image Magick’s montage. For example if you want to make every cell of sprite sheet 8px wider and higher run

montage -background none old.png -crop 39x32 -geometry +4+4 new.png

There are also other tools for this including Piskel, Asesprite and many more.