Converting flash game into desktop application

(B6ka) #1

Hello, I am working on a retro-style platformer; I am planning to release the game as a browser game, but if it is well received, I would like to add more levels and features. Is there an easy way to convert the flash game into a desktop game that can be installed on say Windows 7 as an application? I have seen some posts that ask similar question, but I am still not sure how to do this. I do not want it to be a simple projector .exe file. I want it to be full screen and scaled appropriately, possibly changing screen resolution, etc. I would really appreciate any hints or suggestions.

P.S. I am not an experienced programmer.

(Bora Kasap) #2

check this topic The Stage3DPunk Thread!

(B6ka) #3

Thanks, I have seen that thread. I guess it is more about porting FP games to mobile, but I will ask the author if it can easily do what I want. :slight_smile:

(B6ka) #4

Dear Dave @Ultima2876,

Can stage3dpunk be used for converting my FP game into desktop application (as described at the beginning if this thread)?

(Nicole Brauer) #5

What is your reason against using a projector exe? You can still scale / fullsceen the game with a flash projector.

Otherwiese I would recommend in cheking out AIR, which gives you a bit more functionality than a projector.

(Ultima2876) #6

It can be used as part of that process to enhance the performance of your game (allow more sprites on screen, allow it to run on weaker systems etc). Best part of that is that it’s completely free to use it on desktops like this :slight_smile:

(B6ka) #7

Thanks, I will be counting on stafe3dpunk then :slight_smile:

(Ultima2876) #8

Bear in mind that there are also disadvantages to using Stage3DPunk; you’ll get better support here for FlashPunk, so it’s probably worth working on your game using FlashPunk to take advantage of the awesome community here and then porting over to Stage3DPunk if necessary later on. This is a pretty easy process, which usually consists of dropping in some files and spending some time fixing minor issues (usually to do with layering or methods that are slow/unsupported in Stage3D).

I definitely do not condone using Stage3DPunk then asking for help here; Stage3DPunk is fundamentally a different library as much as it may act the same in many ways; this community is centered on help with FlashPunk and unless you’re using vanilla FlashPunk you may end up wasting people’s time here when you ask for support request, as Stage3DPunk internally does not work the same way (so you may find issues in Stage3DPunk that are not applicable to vanilla FlashPunk).

(B6ka) #9

Thanks, for clarification. Of course, I would not touch Stage3D until I finish with the browser version.

Regarding the second point. I suppose you are right and probably this is a place for pure FP questions (especially the ‘help’ category), but given that my project is done in FP and there are so many experienced developers here that probably had similar questions, it was very interesting to ask this question here.