Coin Duder Saga Episodes 1–7 Now Available!

(Zachary Lewis) #1

Get ready to learn through seven episodes of tutorials! If you were hoping for one new tutorial, you’re in for a treat! If you were hoping for fifty, I’m sorry. I only did seven.


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I don't know anything about anything, but want help
(Abel Toy) #2

Nice tuts!! If you need help I could add English, Spanish and Catalan subtitles for the videos!

Also, Ctrl + Shift + 1 is really useful in FlashPunk. Auto-importing and shit like that. So, when you want to import FP, instead of writing var a:FP or new FP, you just type FP and press Ctrl + Shift+ 1. BAM! Done.

(Tareq) #3

You spoil us with your awesome video :smiley:

(mr_machinery) #4

I totally just burnt my way through this :smiley: and now my little Coin Duder has started treating life too easily with all these coins he has been blessed with and no dangers to make him cautious of his success.

Will you be continuing this tutorial series soon? and do you think you will ever do a platformer series, possibly with a more complicated that uses things like gravity, acceleration and friction?

Overall though you are a really great dude for creating all these wonderful resources for beginner devs like me :slight_smile:

(Zachary Lewis) #5

I hope to make some more coin duder this weekend! Stay tuned!

(mr_machinery) #6

Can’t wait, I’m hoping to make my one game a month in flashpunk and you’re tutorials are insanely good, you add humor and personality to them which helps me and many more learn a lot quicker :slight_smile: thanks