CASCATA, a minimalist game for two players

(TaylorAnderson) #1

UPDATE: This game is now out! It costs two dollars and is available here:

Hey guys!

I’ve been working on a new game for a little while, which is actually a massive redesign of a game I made around two years ago. It’s called Cascata.

Cascata is a minimalist game for two players about empathy and looking out for your partner, and trusting that your partner will look out for you.

(TaylorAnderson) #2

I’ve recently closed public playtesting because the game is coming close to a thing I would want to ask money for. Here’s a video of me playing a (semi-recent) version of the game:

(Mike Evmm) #3

Saw this on today, good luck!

(TaylorAnderson) #4

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: