Bubble Pet, aka Flashpunk on Android

(FNX) #1

Hello community, I just wanted to show an example of a Flashpunk game running on Android devices! We as Rainbow Design have released this game about 1 month ago and already got 20k+ downloads so I’m happy to share it to the you all.


On our website there are other games made with flashpunk (most of the recent ones actually) made for the web and mobile (Zombowling, Cool-Fu Master, Bubble Swap and more), http://www.rainbowdesign.it

Please feel free to play the game(s) and comment, thanks! :slight_smile:

(Ani Mittra) #2

Hey sorry to bump this but I recently downloaded this game and it’s pretty fun. I don’t really play Match3 style games much but my girlfriend and I both liked it. The first levels are really easy, but It gets fairly challenging around level 25. I like that it’s not totally randomly generated levels like other match 3 games, it feels more like a real puzzle this way.

Did you guys just go through adobe air to get it on Android? Was the process mostly seamless?

(FNX) #3

Hi AniMittra, thanks for your comments, very appreciated :blush:

The game is not random in any way, every level was designed (matrix of bubbles) to be solved in one or more ways.

Of course we used AIR to get to Android (also iOS now btw) and plain flashpunk, there’s nothing to do on the game side, we just made a container to handle all the mobile stuff (rating, ads, links etc…) but the flashpunk part is the same as for the web version.

(Ani Mittra) #4

I’d love to hear more about the puzzle design. Was there an algorithm you guys used to make sure the puzzles were solvable or anything like that? Did you start designing the puzzles from the solution and work your way out to make them difficult or was it a more organic design process?

Most Match 3 games use some type of randomness in their puzzle design, I’m not sure how they scale up the difficulty that way but it certainly isn’t as effective as hand-designed puzzles like in Bubble Pet. I’m sure it was a lot more work designing them though.