Blind (Game Demo/Prototype)

(Kyle) #1


A made a demo/prototype game which you can see at

About the Game

The game is a platformer where the level is not presented to the player upfront. Instead, the player is supposed to contruct the level’s layout in their head based on what they observe. Basically, the idea is to let the player observe and analyze. I feel like the experience can be compared to being blind even though you can see stuff (haha how ironic).


Any comments/suggestion/criticisms are greatly appreciated. Some of the things I’m really interested in hearing:

  1. Is a tutorial needed? Did you understand what you’re supposed to do in the game?
  2. Suggestions about gameplay. (e.g. “You should add gravity switching and enemies”)
  3. In regards to losing, I have no idea how a player should lose in a level. Ideas? Is losing necessary?
  4. About numbers in the game. (e.g. “Player moves too slow”, “Gravity feels too strong”)
  5. I would like to know if there is any game with the same mechanic(platformer, invisible level). Maybe I could learn some things there.
  6. Minimalist game art is the way to go. Agree?
  7. Action-oriented or puzzle-oriented? I think puzzles are more fit.
  8. What should I call those particles? This is not necessary, but nah, I just want a proper term to call it. Perceptrons? Perceptroballs? Wisdom Particles? haha
  9. Rate how fun the game is (in its current state) from 1-10. 10 being most fun. Honesty is greatly appreciated.
  10. What are the things you like/hate about the game?

That’s a lot but actually, just any comment would do. Feel free to voice it out. :wink:

(Bora Kasap) #2

We could call that the “Bat-Vision”. So, i think it has way to go, also ways are really open. You can design so many different stuff for a game like that. You probably should come here with more advanced gameplay techniques to get important comments.

(Kyle) #3

I think you have a point because I’m actually having a hard time thinking of what I want the game to be. The current concept is too broad and maybe that’s why I can’t come up with coherent ideas. So I think I’m gonna work on developing a more well-defined gameplay and narrow thing thing down.

And regarding “Bat-Vision”, I like how it sounds :smirk: I bet it would be easier to explain the game’s concept with that term.

Thanks for the feedback!

(Bora Kasap) #4

Your welcome.

I’m really curious about your decision :slight_smile: i hope to see that soon.

(Mutlu) #5

I think there was a game where u carry around a torch, can’t remember the name though…