Bit Dungeon II Steam Greenlight game made in flashpunk

(KintoGames) #1

bit Dungeon II Steam Greenlight

Hey everyone Check out my game on steam greenlight. I made it in flashpunk and love flashpunk.

(Mike Evmm) #2

Looks awesome, best of luck :slight_smile:
Out of curiosity, what approach did you use to create “random rooms”?

(KintoGames) #3

Thanks! Its not a procedural generated dungeon game. There are 8 dungeons that are in a pool and each time you enter a dungeon you could get any of the ones that haven’t been beaten yet.

(Mike Evmm) #4

Oh, that’s quite a smart idea!

(Jacob Albano) #5

Voted. Good luck out there!

(Ultima2876) #6

Nice! :slight_smile: Let me know if you want to do a mobile port. :wink:

(KintoGames) #7

@Ultima2876 it’s already ported. I actually developed it is as an android game.

(Justin Wolf) #8

Played and enjoyed the first one quite a bit on Kong awhile back! Good luck!

(Ultima2876) #9

So it is! Awesome! :slight_smile: It’s really great to see successful FlashPunk mobile games!

(Linck) #10

This gameplay retains the player a lot, which is good. I liked the fact that you can farm hp and mana on the previous rooms.

(KintoGames) #11

The game was Greenlit! Thanks to everyone who voted and or supported the game. =)

(Darrin) #13

Nice job by the way. I enjoyed playing very much. For Steam, how are you going to release it as a stand alone? swf? air? what type of exe are you going to use?

(Zachary Lewis) #14

I can answer that (because I set it up)!

With Adobe AIR, you can create a captive runtime bundle, which deploys as a single .exe or .app with a self-contained AIR runtime, so there’s no additional installation required other than just running the executable file!

(John Andersson) #15

How do we do this exe wizardry?

(Mike Evmm) #16

Please teach us o master!

(Zachary Lewis) #17

Guess I’ll have to write a tutorial! It’s not too hard, but requires some command-line wizardry (moreso for the Mac).

I’d recommend downloading the latest AIR SDK (currently Adobe AIR 15) and extracting it somewhere safe while you wait for me to put digital pen to digital paper!

(Darrin) #18

Zach, That would be awesome. I’ll help test it and edit. Just wasn’t sure where to begin. Currently I’m working on Windows, probably will buy a mac mini though in January.

(Zachary Lewis) #19

I’ve gone and posted a tutorial for bundling with the AIR Captive Runtime.