An ActionScript error occurred in flash builder 4.7

(Beats Promotions) #1

I’m working on creating a game but I keep getting this errors can anyone please tell what’s wrong with error messages, Thanks so much

TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert false to net.flashpunk.Mask. at entities::Hero()[/Users/tilsleyr/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/Ballonsshootin/src/entities/] at words::GameWord/begin()[/Users/tilsleyr/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/Ballonsshootin/src/words/] at net.flashpunk::Engine/checkWorld()[/Users/tilsleyr/Downloads/FlashPunk-1.7.2 2/net/flashpunk/] at net.flashpunk::Engine/update()[/Users/tilsleyr/Downloads/FlashPunk-1.7.2 2/net/flashpunk/] at net.flashpunk::Engine/onEnterFrame()[/Users/tilsleyr/Downloads/FlashPunk-1.7.2 2/net/flashpunk/]

(Jacob Albano) #2

This here:


means the error is on line 14 of your Hero class. Show us the code on and around that line.