Alien Legions - a space shooter

(John Gardner) #1

Here is a space schmup I made with FlashPunk.

play at GameJolt:

game source code:
(music not included, obtain at

gameplay video:

Alien legions is a side scrolling space shoot’em up. Make your way through 10 waves filled with over 30 different types of enemies including 4 enormous bosses. Gather 20 different power-ups including 13 multi-tiered weapon and defense upgrades to turn your sluggish peashooter of a ship into a badass alien killing machine. Choose from 5 different difficulty settings from very easy to very hard. WARNING!!! Very hard is impossible … prove me wrong.

(John Gardner) #2

I decided to make the source code for my game available. Download link is above.

(reopucino) #3

wow… cool, I will check it at this week

(Douglas Dunn) #4

Awesome! How long did it take you to make this?

(John Gardner) #5

It took about 3 months working on it in my spare time.

(Anthony DENTINGER) #6

Wow, that’s the best space shooter I’ve seen in quite a while! The graphics are nice, and upgrades were well-planned, IMHO. I liked your idea of turrets and enemy turrets.

For different reasons (especially the orbs), your game reminds me of another space shooter that is itself based on a MMO. Won’t post the link, though, here in case I’m not supposed to.

(John Gardner) #7

Thanks, its always good hearing that someone liked my game. Not quite sure which MMO based shooter you are referring to. As far as I know there isn’t any rule against posting links. I don’t mind anyway.

(Anthony DENTINGER) #8


If I’m allowed to post it here, here is the space-shooter I was referring to (click the Download tab on the right). It’s a bit long to play, but I find it’s similar to your game on some points.

(John Gardner) #9

Thanks for the link. Yes, they definitely appear to have a lot in common. It looks like it might be fun.