Some random stupid error message out of nowhere (spritemanager) (stage3dpunk?)

(John Andersson) #1

I got

src\net\flashpunk\ col: 40 Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: SpriteManager. public function get spriteManager(): SpriteManager

I was working on an entity (which is nothing special) and I even tried removing the entity from the game but the error comes up anyway? Going to the file, the line

	/** @private */ private var _spriteManager: SpriteManager;

has a normal color on “SpriteManager”, and not the blue you’d expect. The line above that;

	/** @private */ internal var _spriteStage: Stage3DSpriteStage;

is also normally colored on “Stage3DSpriteStage”…?

PS: I’m using stage3dpunk, but stage3d is set to false atm

(John Andersson) #2

Please, anyone, this is preventing me from even starting my game :confused:

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(Darrin) #3


I’ve tested Stage3DPunk with one game and there were no issues with plugging it in. I think we need more code. It may be something in your sprite manager that is conflicting with it. Dave at owns Stage3dPunk. He is also here as Ultima2876 and is quite responsive. Assuming FP compiles and runs normally without it, it might be just a port issue which we don’t have the code for.


(Ultima2876) #4

This sounds like you haven’t included the s3dpunk swc file. Check that you’ve got it all added to your project correctly!