Milkman tools and alternatives

(Darrin) #1

Does anyone have a list of various tools that are useful for revenue generation, time to market, etc for flash and mobile development? What have you used? What do you like? What for? What about downsides?

Seems like there are tons of categories here.

High Score Ads Server In game Purchase Ladders Usage Tracking Updates

I’ll start compiling a list as people post.

(Jesus Boadas) #2

I was looking into FGL sponsorship for revenue but right now looks complicated to me due to the variety of sponsorship types also FGL have ads but I don’t know if you can mix sponsorship with ads in older posts on the web you can find “mochi” but is dead now maybe some developers here with more experience getting revenue can explain deeply this topic, also I was reading the post of Stage3DPunk and seems to be the best way to get revenue in mobile platforms. IMHO

(Darrin) #3

So one social tool we used a while back was OpenFient. The problem with them was they kept updating and breaking our games. Nasty to always keep updating and not know when something was broken. They since got bought out by Gree and closed down. Doesn’t seem like Gree replaced the latter.

Categories are:

Advertising Revenue

Micro purchases.


Push Notifications

Timed notifications


Social Media Registration