Creation of an "Off-Topic" category

(Mike Evmm) #21

That’s Aladeen by me.

(Darrin) #22

So I can’t seem to start a group chat on my iphone for telegram. I can start one tonight and post it.

(Mike Evmm) #23

@Darrin Telegram seems to use phone number as an ID. That might be of concern.
@Ultima2876 what? I though all the fuss every 4 years was about admin elections.

(Zachary Lewis) #24

@B6ka A more favorable way of thinking about this is, if a conversation about FlashPunk organically (that’s the key) turns into a discussion about the best kind of corn (candy, FYI), it’s totally fine to talk about it; however, posting a topic like, “What is your favorite kinds of corn?” aren’t the topics we’re looking for here.

I think the biggest problem with the forum is that we’ve strived to make it a very friendly, helpful, accessible place, so people enjoy coming here and asking questions, knowing they won’t get trolled out of here by jerkensteins. When people enjoy spending time with pleasant people, they naturally want to socialize. That said, you wouldn’t go to StackOverflow and ask a question about costume ideas, because that site is, very clearly, a place to ask questions about programming.

This forum is a resource — a very chill, enjoyable resource — for discussing FlashPunk. People come here looking to do that, and if it’s difficult for a new visitor to find interesting or helpful discourse on the topic of FlashPunk, the whole community suffers.

(David Williams) #25

On the old forum, we had an off-topic section. Although it is fun to talk about things off-topic with this community, I feel that going without it is the smarter decision on the new forum.

That being said , I’ll probably never use the IRC or anything else to talk about off-topic things, so I feel like I’m missing out on this (potentially) great community.

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #26

That’s true that uses phone number as ID. And i understand why someone wouldn’t like to make that public. Well we can always make a program using the public API they make and make a bot maiking the conversations with alias (basically a bot that boardcasts to oeveryone).

(Jacob Albano) #27

I can’t compare it to Telegraph as I haven’t used it, but my team and I have been very happy with Slack, which seems to be the same sort of thing.

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #28

This seems interesting. It maybe what we are looking for.

(Zachary Lewis) #29

Just jump on IRC. I’ll try to make more of an effort to be there.

(Mike Evmm) #30

I’d like to, and I’m trying, but I’ve never used IRC before, and I seem to be “invisible”? Not sure if anyone can read me. Also, do you think it might be possible to have a bot log the last Xh of chat (or X messages) and echo them to a connecting user? Most of us are in different time zones, making it really hard to meet

(Darrin) #31

So last night was Taco Tuesday night. I came home and thought I had 1 or 3 too many margaritas because I couldn’t find Telegram’s link to create group chat for FP. But I checked again this morning and it isn’t there. I’ve put in a support ticket. One thing I like about Telegram is the security. It is also hugely popular, overtaking Whatsapp. I also like the fact it works great on mobile so traveling, plane, boring meetings lol.

(Jacob Albano) #32

Slack stores the last 10k messages, works great on mobile, and it’s free. :slight_smile:

Seriously can’t say anything bad about it.

(Darrin) #33

Okay I’ve got Telegram up and working. Your phone number is completely hidden and secure. The only thing you need to do is send me a chat and I will add you to the FlashPunk telegram group. From that point you can add people as well.

Just send me a message me here. Let’s get this rolling.

The other thing cool about Telegram is apparently you can feed word press into it.

And to Miguel’s point, it doesn’t matter that much what we use just to get things going.

(Mike Evmm) #34

@Darrin does telegram allow for bots?

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #35

I think Telegrams alow them (it actually have an API). But you need a phone number i think.

PS: Maybe we can make a user called @FlashPunk who is a bot that controls the chat (can use broadcast to send a message up to 100 people or we can make do it one by one).

(Zachary Lewis) #36

I just like IRC because it’s a protocol that’s been around for a long time and works without having to make accounts and stuff. Plus, it’s already set up.

(Darrin) #37

So we have 5 people in so far. @zachwlewis yeah I totally understand the new account things. Kind of didn’t want to do the Slack for that reason as well. But I am liking this universal platform messenger.

And it has a web version so that is pretty easy to use.